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Poem: Dream Saved

I dreamt last night dreams of sunlight would never fade. I dream last night that life would fade I dream last night that time would

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Bad Day

  Monday, August 12, 2013 Everyone has a bad day, and man did I have a bad day. Saturday my wife was taking a nap

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My Mental Health

First, I want to say I didn’t post this for notoriety or to become famous. I’m posting this because some are saying that those with

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Far behind in work oh work you’re not even to hard, yet you are. How can I make my time better? I sit here rocking

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Death (Winter)

My heart stops, my jaw drops. Why is this happening? It has to be a dream. When I called and was told this, this craziness

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Back To The Future

When it came to deciding what movie, I would review or even just talk about. It came to a classic that has great memories for

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I missed posting this before Christmas so here it is. When it comes to the holiday season and holiday movies, you think of classics like

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Unbroken Broke Me

I went to a movie this weekend with my mom. She hadn’t gone for two years. She and I chose Unbroken. Yes, my wife went

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Bayless Interview

Bayless a band that creates great music with a message. I have your last album Within Your Reach. It has a Gothic Metal tone. Sounding

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