Poem: Dream Saved

I dreamt last night dreams of sunlight would never fade.

I dream last night that life would fade

I dream last night that time would pass like a blink of an eye

I dream last night I am a warrior that would never back away, I see that I’m not a visionary that I’ve wanted and seen

Dismal and bleak it seems my life is not what people think

But I’ve given up it is seen and the warrior is dead

Will I rise from the grave to battle to live

I dream last night I saw an Angel

I dream last night I saw myself as a boy with a belief in myself

I dream last night that a dream came alive

I dream last night only to see my death

Darkness has taken hold and will not loosen its grasp

Life never ending is a lie

To be reborn after one life to another

I will soar like a dove white as snow

As dirt is wiped to clean it away

I wipe my mind of yesterday

To bring new life I will fight for

I dream last night that I was saved


Bad Day


Monday, August 12, 2013

Everyone has a bad day, and man did I have a bad day. Saturday my wife was taking a nap when Titus our lab mix starts to love on her. As he was getting his belly rubbed, he smacks her in the eye. He ends up scratching her eye, today (Sunday) it looks bad, so we head to the emergency room. We decided after that while we waited for her prescription to be filled that we would get some groceries. It was an okay thus far. Then it was time for us to leave after the groceries and picking up her MEDs.

We then start to drive home. I thought I had enough room, so, I passed a guy. He pulls up next to me as he swerves into my lane and yells and flips my wife and I off. Therefore, in her frustration, she flips him off. He throws something out of the window and then again, swerves so I freak, and before I know it, I’m trying to slow down, and we hit bumpers. Well, I try to pull over so that I could stop, and he won’t let me, so I slow and get behind him. Finally, we stop he gets out and yells. My wife gets out as I look for the hazards since this truck was given to me, and I was freaking out I forgot where they were. He still yells, then gets in my wife’s face. She at this time can’t see in one eye because of Titus. She then shoves him because she felt threatened. The guy just kept on walking forward, without pushing her back, pushed her back.

I get out. He just yells and cusses, and I apologize yet he was the driver who was being an aggressive if I did cut him off, I didn’t do it on purpose, but if there was room, he sped up enough for that room to become nonexistent. He should have just said idiot and not over react. I know I wouldn’t have, or maybe I would have. Again, I’ve been without a couple of my medications, so I don’t know what kind of mood I was in, or would have been in. I know I wasn’t pissed I was more scared then anything.

The guy says I’m taking your license plate, and I’m calling the cops. I apologize again, and then he says, “Just go home.” Then he leaves, there has been a few men watching this confrontation, so they are on the phone with the police. Instead of leaving the scene, we stayed until the police came. We stated our case, and the cop said nothing could be done. Well, after all this my truck ends up with a bent bumper the other guy had nothing wrong with his truck, before he sped off.

It was a bad day. I came home my wife talked on the phone while I was in the other room crying like a babe. My faith is weak, my mind too. I’m glad we are alive, but I hate driving. We all lose our heads when we get behind the wheel. It’s a fact!


Write As If I’m Getting Paid

It’s been a while since I’ve written a thing. I’m here home all alone and feel the need to write at least something. So here I am rocking and thumbing my Nexus 7. I wanted to bring up that for inspiration, it is hard for me and without writing for weeks, now months, it’s hard to get back into the groove. I know I’m not the only one that has issues with this, and I know I will get back into the swing at some point in time.

I started to write this post last week, but never finished it so now I hope I can now. So, have you ever wanted to do something great and life changing? I’ve wanted to make my dreams come true, but I need more time and training to perfect my writing at least when it comes to my screen writing okay my writing in general. So, to pay for this, I’ve decided to create a donation with gofundme.com. I want to convey that in the end, things will make not only my life better but my families too.

To update myself here on this is that I haven’t written in another couple of weeks, and it seems to be a never ending flip flop. Many people write because they have a passion for it. Other write because they can’t seem to do anything but. Well, I write because I can, and I like to, but for the past few months I haven’t because I want to get paid for what I write. I want people to see my words, even though they may not be crisp, clear and perfect like other things in life. I need to turn my head and start to write as if I was being paid even though I’m not. This would keep my motivation, and I wouldn’t lose sight of what the outcome may come to be. I’ve been trying to write a comic book idea for a Top Cow competition, but I think I need to write as if I was already working for them. I need to write as if God is paying me. I need to not stop for one moment of breath without the words, the ideas and the dreams that won’t stop I want to keep moving forward and back and not be stuck in a rut like I am now I need to write as if I will get a paycheck in two weeks. I need to set goals, not putting a limit on my few words and ideas, but to keep moving and keep doing. That’s what I should be thinking of not all the missed opportunities, the missed connection, or the disappointment in the feedback I receive.

Come on we all dream we all hope, but where is the passion that others have. What have I done with it?

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