Do I have Autism?

I’ve been told lately due to my hate for people, and my uncontrollable (well I can control it; I just seem to be doing it a lot more) rocking that I have Autism or even Asperger. Some say I’m a lazy dreamer. One who dreams but doesn’t do the work. Yet, what am I? God knows, but he doesn’t come out and say what we will do and what we will be. I know I have great ideas and dreams of what I will do if things become real and money comes my way. However, since things haven’t happened with what I’ve already done, and I’ve seen no end to some troubles. I’ve given up and given in to do nothing more. Why? I don’t know why, nor do I know if I should even try anymore. I know that it is a lie because I’m slowly working on rewrite number 677 on a script I started 6 years ago. I just hope the timing will be right for when I get it done, and I feel it is final even after some script readers tell me yea or nay on it. Next, if no more work needs to be done, then I will send a letter out in hopes that someone likes it. If not It, but sees how well, I can write that they hire me for something else. I need to stop pouting and stop having a woe is me mentality and just get things done. Here’s to hoping, and to getting things done!

Man’s Intelligence

brain_on_fireI’ve been thinking about my own intelligence. Or at least some people have questioned my intelligence. The questions raised are. Why can’t you work? Why can’t you think of doing nothing but making dreams come true when you aren’t fully committed to do the work? I don’t know why. I don’t know what in my own thought processes, I?ve left out the fact that bills take money to pay and why am I not motivated by that as much as I should.

I drive around thinking of man’s intelligence with the dumb asses not using blinkers pulling out in front of others and cell phones and other non-intelligent distractions. I think about my past and how I at one time I thought that my mom and dad were at fault for my faults because of genetics and inbreeding that somewhere down the line occurred, but what is it truly that makes one lack thought and reasoning? What did I not eat right when I was young? Where there too many chemicals in our food at that time, as in this, but way more?

Man’s intelligence given to us by God or is it true to the big bang, and we are a bunch of small-minded yet intelligent (for their size) apes? That commonsense is no longer needed, and we are on a crash course to stupidity taking hold of even the smartest of us?

Products in food and in the air are not healthy yet we crave these additions in a way that makes us idiots. I may rock while driving, but I’m awake alert and both hands are on the wheel to be pulled out of front of and then your speed is slow where I have to slam on my brakes. Is this a sign of our now lost intelligence? Less time to react because we lack the comprehension and commonsense? To not be one whom tries to do so many things at once behind a vehicle that is a killing object as to run with scissors is the same.

No we don’t always fall and land on them, but we do have a greater chance when we run and think we are in control. I’ve been plagued with thoughts and am I unethical or irrational to think that my intelligence is not of God or of a big bang? Am I thinking too hard in the way that most of us don’t think at all? We all have dreams and goals, and we all work, but do we truly need to take a break sit and think that our intellectual process needs time to rest or do we need to just keep the pace of a cheetah and feel that if don’t stop, then we won’t die, but if we do stop, does the world?

I think that many of us say we are intelligent in our own way, but can our way be the wrong way? I feel that commonsense is lost to the world of chemicals and the effects of creating products that we use to make ourselves look descent. Why can’t we only bathe and be fine with that why are there makeup and hair products? If you want to style your hair, just cut it, less work and fewer products needed. Your mind will be able to take the non-toxic intelligence that you’ve saved and which you can use that new process for good in the use of the world.

I hate over thinking things, but I hate to under think things. However, I sit here rocking (my autism people say) thinking, are my dreams being worked on as hard as I could and is my thought process and intelligence being used like it should for what it should be for the time it should. Or am I just trying to compensate for the intelligence lost to this world for man by man to come to an end of, who knows?