Lay My Head Down to Sleep Only to Come Up With Great Ideas

We all have fallen victim to laying our head down and thoughts flooding our minds. Most thoughts are really good. Yet we can’t get up due to our energy levels being zapped. However, we know that our good ideas will be gone by the time we wake up. I have had this happen to me the last few nights. I would pray to God that he would let me have my great thoughts back the next morning, and some would stick and some would not come back. I’m preparing to finally start back on a script i started last year its 47 pages and is a Faith based flick. I hope to finish it and then start the rewriting process. I hope many will read it and like it and i can get it out there so it can be turned into a great movie. I hope then I can get back into writing my comic book scripts into a full length graphic novel script then publish it on Amazon so that I can gain revenue so that I can keep writing and move on to other projects that have recently come back to light from 10 years ago.

Who Cares?


a673165004c01263b44a0b4a6ba9cf93I?ve seemed to have lost my will to write and to be productive. I used to be a good worker, now I feel I don?t do a thing. I used to love to write, but have had my months of my mind being in a desert. Now, I know what I need to be doing, but why can?t I start doing it. My mind wants to be entertained, but why can?t I make my own entertainment instead of watching it on my screen. Why can?t I do and not just say? I?ve fought with myself because I want to lose weight, and yet I can?t do it. I can say it fine. I need help, but it?s for me to do and no one else. Someone can help me get motivated and encourage me, but I have to do the work. Ugh! I? I..need help! Who will come forth and do so? Who really is a friend to me? Who really cares?