Ring of Wishes Clip


Zane walks in. He has a card in his hand that has some

numbers on it.

Zane waits in line, there are four people two men and one

woman and one child.

The one man by himself he isn’t tall and has brown hair and

eyes; he wears a T-shirt on with a skull and cross on it. He

wears shorts that go just bellow the knee.

The woman (CALISTA) and other other man (NICK), this couple

they have a very little and very young boy (DANL) with them.

She wears short shorts; she is fit; she has a nice flat

stomach being shown off with a shirt that is tied up. She

has blue eyes and sandy blond hair. The man with her also

wears shorts and T-shirt of different colors. He is very

tall and has brown hair with highlights and blue eyes; he

also is very fit. The little boy was topless and had shorts

on that are puffy because of his diaper.

The first man pays for his items. Then Calista, Nick, and

Danl get up to the counter. Danl is about four, he looks up

at Zane; as Danl holds Calista’s hand. Zane waves at Danl,

and smiles. Danl gets closer to Calista. Calista turns and

smiles at Zane.

Calista, Nick, and Danl pay for there things then walk out.

Zane walks up to the front.


(looking down)

How can I help you?

(looks up)

Oh, you again. You know if you keep

playing one day you just might win.


Haha! Thanks I hope one day I do



So what are you needing?


I need a quick pick then one using


Zane hands them the card. The numbers are 5, 15, 25, 3, 43,

and 23. The cashier goes over to the lottery computer

system. Zane crosses his fingers. The cashier then prints

out the ticket then returns to the front of the counter.


Aren’t these the same numbers you

play every other day?



(puts a five on the counter)

I hope tonight’s the night.

The Cashier takes the money and makes change.


(hands him a dollar)

I’ll cross my fingers for you!



Zane walks out, he then sees the couple and waves.


I wish I had a wife and kid like

them one day.

Zane gets in his truck and drives off.


Ring of Wishes Clip